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Alright, people, get ready because this next freebie is straight out of the gfxnerds oven! We’ve come up with yet another cool resource that you can use in your professional endeavours; this time it’s a newsletter template that gives you a lot of room to explore and tweak to your own preferences.

For starters, let’s talk about the importance of a good newsletter. When done right, such a letter has the power of persuading and informing your clients(and potential clients!) to collaborate with you. Experts claim that newsletters are one of the best ways to sustain lasting relationships with customers. Again, everything comes down to user experience, as companies race for the top to provide the best services available, constantly competing with each other and finding new ways of offering better experiences. We’ve got you covered: this top-notch template we’re sharing now can help you make a real impact when delivering your services or company information.



The template is versatile in that it lets you customize a bunch of elements so that it best fits your aim. Done correctly, a good newsletter can produce a great effect and in turn be good for business. Clients or consumers need to be attracted to the paper in question and a boring or even over-the-top design just won’t do it. This template, however, combines the right amounts of composure, minimalism and high-end design.

We hate to keep blowing our own trumpet, but we’re very excited about this design and believe you should be, too. Just check out how awesome it looks on any device. With presentation like this, you can rest assured you’ve broken the mould in the world of newsletters. It bears repeating: this template can do wonders for promoting your products, services or company and you can edit everything in countless ways to best suit your style. So, to recap: this free agency-quality template is completely customizable, has high quality designs and was finely executed by wizards. Perfectly suitable for digital output or commercial printing!



free newsletter template psd




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