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About Deco Neue
ArtDeco Neue was design to give a strong characteristic to the titles of the Portuguese Art Magazine. From classic sans fonts (usual used by artists and galleries) this font developed with the double geometric lines of Art Deco architecture creating a contemporary design. The final result of each word depends of the choices the designer makes for each glyph.

From its origin in Europe during the first decade of the 20th century, the Art Deco development rapidly spread to the United States, where it remained a prevalent and pervasive style through the mid-1930s. The Art Deco stylish is described by agile, adapted and geometric shapes, frequently in symmetrical courses of action. If you’ve seen the Chrysler Building in New York City, you’ve seen a standout amongst the most tremendous cases of Art Deco building design.

Art Deco typestyles range from uncomplicated, low-waisted monostroke plans, for example, ITC Anna, Bernhard Fashion, Busorama and Coquette, to more unpredictable, ornamental typestyles, for example, Beverly Hills, Chic, Broadway Engraved, Gallia, ITC Mona Lisa Recut and Philco Deco The most fancy Deco outlines highlight twofold, triple or multi-lineal stroke points of interest. Craftsmanship Deco typestyles can be rakish or magnificent, rich or perky, yet all have the state of mind of chic advancement we connect with that period.

Numerous Art Deco sort styles are all-top text styles, and all are showcase plans because of their brightening nature. Consider utilizing these snazzy and remarkable typefaces for blurbs, notices, book covers, declarations – at whatever point you need to summon the timeless style of a time passed.

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