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It is no wonder that in this new age of constantly evolving media the skill of self-promotion is an invaluable one for all designers. Of course, the most important facet of this skill is always being able to produce good work that is in constant demand. In order for you to achieve this you must never stop improving your craft and seeking novel ways of putting yourself out there. So without further ado, here are some tips on how to self-promote:

1. Be versatile

It’s not just about focusing on the projects you want to see completed but about branching out and tapping into areas that relate to your interests. Try writing for a blog in which you review and share designs from other artists you admire. Focus on as many types of design as you feel comfortable.

2. Be yourself

Try to find your voice in terms of the art you want to share with the world. Determine who you are and promote yourself in a way that is both idiosyncratic and unique. Upon a quick search, you will see that most designers promote their portfolios on sites that look a terrible deal alike and  seem to be directed at other designers, rather than the client. Try to be different but stay true to yourself.

3.It’s about the result, not the process

As heartbreaking as it may sound, most clients are generally most interested in the results the project generates rather than the quality of the work. Bearing this in mind is essential if you want to be efficient as it gives you a clue of how to start a given project. This does not mean you should willingly lower the quality of the design, but rather that you should concentrate on the desired effect of the end-result.

4.Build a reputation

Nothing is more solid and certain in terms of the demand for an artist than a good reputation. Impressing the right people at the right time can prove crucial to your portfolio reaching the masses. Stay focused on doing good work and having a dependable character and you will get noticed – the word will spread. Read educational materials on salesmanship and notice how a recurrent theme arises: no matter what trade you’re in, being able to sell yourself is paramount. Get involved in the design scene and promote your work as often and well as you can, but never get pushy.

5.Make deals face-to-face

Whether you’re freelancing by yourself or a small business, one of the great advantages you have is that you get to set the rules when it comes to certain aspects of the deal. One of the most relevant of these aspects is that you can opt for face-to-face business meetings. The reason this is so important is because there’s a chances of the deal not falling through if you try working it out in an on-line chat. Talking it through with the client or employer offers you the advantage of negotiating more carefully, thoroughly and, most importantly, more personally.


Never stop learning!

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