Logos in branding: The meaning behind colours


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A good understanding of the link between colours and human emotions plays an essential part in the expertise of the seasoned designer. The meaning behind colour must always be considered in order to produce good quality work. Focus on studying the usage of colour in famous logos and look at how it influences tone, mood and emotions.

Here are a few examples of the way in which famous brands make use of colours:

  1. Black

Black is most famously known for being associated with mystery, the unknown, as well as elegance and power. It is used to create the notion of high value and is targeted towards a high-end audience. You’ve surely seen it in sportswear, fashion or tech products.



  1. White

This, the purest of colours, is most commonly linked with wholeness and perfection. By employing it in their designs, brands create feelings of trust and good intentions. Be mindful of how you can make use of white to create harmony and stability in the design.



  1. Brown

Brown is earthy, straightforward, reliable and relates to comfort, ease and protection. It is a colour frequently used in the food industry, particularly by coffee and baked goods businesses. You can also find it used in the logos of numerous legal or educational establishments.



  1. Red

Everyone knows that red is representative of passion, love or maybe even blood, but it also signifies energy, action and ambition. It is one of the most commonly used colours in brand logos as it draws the client’s attention considerably faster than other choices.  The fact that totalitarian regimes have incorporated the colour red in the design of their own logos says quite a bit about its notoriety, as well.

Coca_dig uitn_HR Opening - Ouverture


  1. Blue

Blue can stand for a host of things, from notions of trust and peace to conservatism or rigidity. It can be cool, balanced and safe. You’ll encounter it most often in bank, government, pharmaceutical or software logos.


  1. Green

Most connotations for the colour green are positive and they number balance, growth, nature, harmony; you’ll see it used by brands who promote bio, vegetarian or eco-friendly products. This makes it adopt a characteristic that associates it with a high quality product.

Clean n Green Logo _full

  1. Orange

It is a colour that particularly draws one’s attention at it basically explodes at you. It is vibrant, optimistic, energetic and artistic. You’ll often find it used by food, art and entertainment businesses, as well as products targeted for children.


  1. Yellow

Yellow is one of the colours that are made up by contrasting implications. On one hand, it’s optimistic and cheerful, while on the other it can by symbolic of cowardice or shame. Used correctly, you’ll be able to incorporate it in a way that would create warmth and happiness.


  1. Purple

Here is yet another colour which denotes power and to top it off, it is also reminiscent of luxury, elegance and nobility. With all these aces up its sleeve, purple is one colour that is difficult to attach to a certain product, but used carefully, it could really prove valuable of representing the brand it stands for.


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