Great UI Motion design #2 – December 2016


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Restaurant app with facebook origami prototype by Angel Bartolli

A smooth animation for a restaurant app that makes good use of gradients and zoom.


VWR Sign In/Up by nemrod

Simple and effective way to switch from sign up log in and vice versa.


Walkthrough for new feature by Angel Bartolli

Good use of illustrations to showcase the app’s features. It all works because the animation seems so natural.


Fishing Time! by Mari Kostrova

A good way to include animated illustration in a log in / register form.


Costyle – Dashboard P1 by Minh Pham

This not only looks cool but saves customers time wen shopping online. A great use of ui animation to ease the buying process for the end user.


Google Trips – Multicity tour planning by Johny vino™

Cool, clean concept animation for Google Trips.


The Weather Channel concept for samsung gear by fantasy by FΛNTΛSY


Home Page by Barthelemy Chalvet

Not only the landing page looks amazingly clean and cool, but it also has some great use of ui motion in it.


Healthy Food Mobile App by Lukáš Straňák

Great use of color and smooth swipe and fade transitions.



Google business – Slider by Johny vino™

Cool use of illustration that makes the concept fun and easy to understand.


Hope you enjoyed this collection as much as we did. 🙂