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Hello, world! Today’s blog entry tackles something that’s considerably serious, yet super fun at the same time. More specifically, it is about what happens on A Helpful Diagram, a beautiful website created by Rochester NY-based designer Mitch Goldstein. where you can find a big selection of every-day situations designers face when carrying out their creative trade. They are portrayed using some very cool and minimal Venn diagrams which manage to perfectly draw out the essence of the issues at hand. What we love about the website is its straightforwardness and overall ironic humor – we’re sure you’ll love it, too! So without further ado, here are some samples:



Now, we’re sure you’ve found yourself in this situation countless times: you’re working on a really neat project when all of a sudden you’re faced with the decision of picking out the elusive perfect font from your seemingly endless collection. As luck would have it, we actually have an entry which may help you through this process and you can read it here!


Moving on, the diagram above illustrates yet another common circumstance of the designer lifestyle. Our thinking is almost always design-oriented: let’s say we’re out in nature or even in the shower and notice a pattern, then a brilliant idea comes up but we’re nowhere near our working space and the moment’s lost. That’s why the common area between thinking and making so narrow, we need to pay more attention to when and how we work. It goes without saying that “posting pithy bullshit on Twitter” has nothing to do with the process.


This next one is very cool, in that it depicts something universal rather than just the specific plight of the designer; the artist labels it In which we understand the scope of our knowledge. This could not be more closer to the truth, because it is always best to keep in mind that we’re not as knowledgeable as we may thing and that there is always room for improvement. As a designer and human being, one must always be aware of the fact there is still much to learn.


Here’s another neat one, in which we can see another situation we often find ourselves, namely that of not having backed up some vital piece of work. We’re good and diligent about backing up lots of stuff we’re sure we may need some day, but when it comes to urgent and pressing resource, we’re often found lacking. It could be the pressure of a deadline or the overwhelming concentration involved in working on something really good, but we’re simply caught off-guard and missing something we’re sure we had. The answer? It could be foresight, but chances are designers are going to keep struggling with this for ages to come.


We don’t want to spoil too much of the fun, so go on and check out the website as soon as you can! Also, you can find out more about Mitch Goldstein by checking out his personal website. Have fun and work smart!


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