A Designer and His Dog


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Howdy, folks! Now’s the time for something both light-hearted and inspiring for this beautiful Saturday. It’s a story about a man who knew how to make lemonade when life gave him lemons. In fact, you even might have heard of him: his name is Rafael Mantesso. He is a Brazilian graphic artist whose unique designs went viral about a year ago. In case you haven’t heard the tale, read on.


On his thirtieth birthday, the artist and his wife got divorced and this left him with lots of empty space and a dog, whom she christened Jimmy Choo – yes, just like the shoe designer. Instead of wallowing in the sorrows of post-separation blues, Rafael got inspired by the blank walls of his house and expressive cuteness of his canine companion and proceeded to create a collection of super cool designs that would become a social media sensation.

Jimmy, the bull terrier, is portrayed in a number of creative and fun illustrations, his own chromatic configuration and natural design contributing a great deal to the end result. When we say that Rafael got creative, we mean really creative. You can see Jimmy Choo from all sorts of angels, drawn on, wearing sun glasses and most of the time smiling! It’s really amazing how the artist managed to add in the pencil work an achieve such sterling composition.


Rafael Mantesso never sought any publicity for the designs but he received it anyway as Internet and print media covered it thoroughly. The story even resulted in a collaboration with the famous shoe company and now you can see Jimmy the dog on some of their products. Presently, the artist is releasing a 4-color book comprised of 100 illustrations of the famous terrier. It’s set for release in September but you can pre-order A Dog Named Jimmy now on Amazon.

The story is also about perspective. There’s a saying: Two men, they looked from prison bars, one saw mud, the other stars. It’s pretty illustrative of the situation. Rafael was able to turn away from muddy melancholy and turn towards starry creation. This only goes to reinforce the fact is not the absence of problems, but the ability to deal with them. It’s also about perspective in the sense that you can see the adorable bull terrier in all these wonderfully imaginative scenarios and the artwork just blends with the dog’s naturally jolly expression. It took true vision to see and portray Jimmy in such a fashion.


So, the moral of the tale is that not only should you get right back up when life puts you down, but that you can even be inspired and learn to see things from a different point of view, so that you can turn your experience into something of value that has the power to heal you and inspire others. This is also goes to reinforce the fact that dog have magical powers. Adopt one today! Jimmy made Rafael forget about his sorrows and focus on his work while Rafael made Jimmy a star! That’s what we call a win-win situation.1410957200668_wps_69_PIC_FROM_CATERS_NEWS_PICT 1410957200648_wps_66_PIC_FROM_CATERS_NEWS_PICT Jimmy-the-Bull-Terrier20__605 Jimmy-the-Bull-Terrier15__605 Jimmy-the-Bull-Terrier11__605 Jimmy-the-Bull-Terrier7__605 Jimmy-the-Bull-Terrier2__605 jimmy-choo-bull-terrier-illustrations-rafael-mantesso-5 jimmy-choo-bull-terrier-illustrations-rafael-mantesso-3 1410957200683_wps_70_PIC_FROM_CATERS_NEWS_PICT


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