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Youtube Banner Template PSD

It’s one of those special moments in which we proudly introduce to you a new addition from the gfxnerds design portfolio! We thought we’d do something nice for the community of one of the world’s greatest video streaming websites, so we came up with this Youtube banner template psd!
There was a considerable amount of work involved in the process of producing these resources and we are very satisfied with the result! You will find in this pack three unique banner templates that you can chose from for your Youtube channel. Just have a look at each of the sample images and notice how much they differ in style, so as to better accommodate your preferences! The first has been designed to present some neat geometrical patterns, some of which have a warm and far-out sunlight hue. The second is a bit more fun and lighthearted as we incorporated some went crazy and gag glasses, storm troopers, 8-balls and ice-cream! The third is more down to earth, balanced and serious in tone; it also includes an awesome background that resembles rocky or oceaning surfaces.

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It’s important for a Youtuber and his or her channel to have a solid, eye-catching and – most importantly – well-designed banner, because it’s one of the first thing viewers see when accessing the page. People are known to make up their mind pretty quickly, in a manner of seconds, to be precise, and a good banner can help make a difference when it comes to whether your viewers decide to browse on or not. Coupled with quality content, which we’re sure you have plenty of, and maybe a bit of advertising, a good banner design can contribute to an increase in viewer numbers and overall exposure. With this in mind, we here at gfxners wanted to share with you this premium freebie to help you get started on your way towards a cooler channel design!
As for the templates themselves, know that everything is editable, from the text to the fact that you can easily add in your own logo with the help of smart objects, to the awesome adjustment layers with the help of which you can modify the overall color of the banners. The featured fonts are Open Sans and Spatha, both of which you are free of use if you find them to your liking. You probably know that all these options are essential when you want to come up with a unique design for your Youtube channel banner. Instead of going for the standard, ready-made version, you’re always better off creating your own in order to suit your style, preferences and content. Put in a little effort – which can sometimes be half the fun – and you are certain to stand out.

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Have a good look at the templates and select the one that satisfies you most, tweak it a bit to make it your own and you’re good to go – how very simple! Whether you’re looking for smooth minimalism or sharp geometry, for humorous style or retro fun, or for symmetrical patterns and steady composition, one of these is the templates for you. We’d love it if you decided to use one and experiment incorporating it into your Youtube page. If you do and are pleased with the result, please let us know and drop us a line! We always encourage you to try our resources because we care about your work and are confident that our designs will be up to your standards. So download, have fun and remember: sharing is caring!

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