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Tri fold brochure template

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This awesome tri-fold brochure template psd instantly brings to mind Gary Clark Jr.’s bluesy lyrics “bright lights, big city going to my head’, if you don’t know the tune, look it up – Bright Lights – that’s another freebie from us to you! But coming back to this neat resource, just imagine the possibilities. Classy, minimalist and clean, you can use it in virtually any advertising or personal project you’re working on if you need that seamless edge.

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It’s important that you strive for the best when choosing a brochure template, as it considerably affects various business-related aspects. You need to consider the user experience when promoting your services, products or company in light of clarity, simplicity and the best layout you can get! Look no further, because this one-of-a kind tri-fold brochure template psd is ideal from cover to cover. Available at free download, you simply can’t get a better bargain than this!

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Here’s how it spreads out: on the front page you have the Company’s name on the lower right side, while towards the middle you can input any relevant title-worthy content – all this over a cool and high definition metropolitan background. Afterwards, you get the first three body pages as the brochure expands and you have plenty of room with all sorts of sections like statistics, polls or paragraphs; again, you can see the same awesome design of the features as well as the neat backdrop of a lit city. The fourth page follows in the same style and on the back-cover one you get to include contact information and the company title again. The fact that there’s a picture of the Wall St. post puts you in that lower-Manhattan atmosphere that yells “business business business!”.

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Of course, if you’re considering the template’s versatility, just imagine the possibilities in terms of range. This crafty design can be right for almost any occasion, be it business brochure or jazz festival advertising! One thing’s for sure: it evokes progress and stability. This tri-fold template psd  is also ideal for small businesses that are looking to advertise in a cost-effective way via mail, as their printing is not expensive and the brochure fits perfectly in a standard envelope. You really can’t ask for more from this wonderful resource.

There is steady competition in the race for quality brochure design, because of the revolution in user experience and the realisation that came with it: that the first impression is crucial. So as artists struggle to find new ways to keep on top by focusing on the user, standards rise. For a person to take genuine pleasure in leafing through a brochure, you’d have to ensure a pretty entertaining experience. Regardless of the content you’re promoting, certain aspects of composition, style and accessibility must be thoroughly considered – not to mention that you need to have a good, high quality picture!

Tri fold

Download and enjoy this great resource and we hope that you use it in your projects in ways that would leave lasting impressions on your clients!

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